Madison Square Garden Entertainment Ticket Policy

It is the policy (the “Ticket Policy”) of MSG Entertainment Holdings, LLC and its affiliates (collectively, “MSG”) to limit to ten (10) the number of tickets any single customer may purchase, control, coordinate, manage or direct in connection with any seasonal run of the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes (the “Event”) other than valid group sales through MSG’s group sales department. The Policy is applied on a per-event basis and on an aggregate basis (i.e., a customer may not purchase more than the 10 limit across multiple performances of the Event). MSG reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, that one or more requests to purchase group tickets, whether by a single customer or by multiple customers, are attempts to evade the Ticket Policy. A customer or related group of customers may not buy group tickets for multiple Event performances in a manner intended, in MSG’s sole determination, to evade the Ticket Policy. The term “single customer,” shall include (without limitation) any of the following: a business entity, or other organization; a family or household unit; a set of accounts that are in any way tied, linked, or related to a specific individual, entity, or organization; or any other group of individuals, entities, or organizations that MSG has determined, in its sole discretion, is in any way affiliated with each other or under common ownership, control or direction. A prospective purchaser may not avoid the 10 limit by purchasing, controlling, coordinating, managing or directing tickets through, for example, aliases, separate forms of payment, separate corporate entities or third parties. MSG reserves the right to enforce the Ticket Policy strictly, including by refusing to sell group tickets in such a manner as might cause the policy to be violated, and by revoking group ticket sales determined after initial purchase to have violated either the letter or the spirit of this policy. MSG also reserves the right to make exceptions to the Ticket Policy, in its sole discretion.