Rockettes Precision Dance Class Hosted at Debbie Allen Dance Academy

At the iconic Debbie Allen Dance Academy, a moment of pure magic unfolded as the Rockettes joined forces with the Chloe & Maud Foundation for an unforgettable precision dance class. Drawing in a diverse crowd of dancers spanning from 5-year-old beginners to seasoned adults, the event embodied a beautiful fusion of community, dance, joy, and love. This gathering represented a monumental moment for the Rockettes‘ relationship with the esteemed dance academy. 

Attendees were guided by the expertise of Danelle Morgan, dance captain and assistant choreographer for the Rockettes. Following the class, Morgan led a dynamic panel discussion, providing invaluable insights and inspiration. Dancers left the event expressing their excitement at being challenged in new ways and reveling in the unforgettable experience. This class not only left a lasting impression on all who attended but also solidified the Rockettes‘ position as leaders in the world of precision dance.

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